Charter Standard Leagues

The FA Charter Standard League Programme delivers on the vision of The FA Charter Standard brand.

Vision - Offering everybody in grassroots football a high quality, safe, enjoyable experience, that is nationally recognised.

Benefits to Leagues

By signing up to working towards Charter Standard League status, leagues will be demonstrating that they are willing to work towards a minimum operating standard and to raising standards and addressing poor behaviour within the league and member clubs by encouraging teams to gain Charter Standard Club status as part of the Charter Standard League criteria.

Leagues will also be demonstrating, by reviewing what they do well, what they want to do better and by identifying how they can improve, that they are committed to developing better players and to investing in the workforce.

The benefits of achieving Charter Standard League status, are that leagues will have a clear development plan in place, together with an agreed support package with their County FA.

Charter Standard Leagues will also be demonstrating that they are committed to the Respect programme and will have procedures in place to improve standards and address poor behaviour in the game, a key priority for all those involved in Football.

Leagues will also gain recognition that they are committed to a quality experience for all and that they are a well run league.

Gaining Charter Standard League status

An online registration and assessment process is being developed to support The FA Charter Standard League Programme. Once leagues have registered their interest in working towards Charter Standard League status, they will be supported to an agreed level by County FA staff, who will be able to sign off criteria as they are met by the league.

Once the league can demonstrate that it meets all the criteria through an evidence portfolio, the County FA will sign off the league and Charter Standard League status will be awarded.

Leagues will then be expected to undertake an annual health check as part of the process, a key element of which will be the review and update of a league development plan.

Below are a number of forms that leagues can use should they wish to become a Charter Standard League.

For more information, please contact Aaron Clements on 01458 832359.