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The vast majority of football throughout the country is played at a local level for personal enjoyment. It can be a daunting task to set up a new football club, but help is at hand. On this website, you will find simple instructions to support you through the process of getting up and running.

Before embarking on forming a new team, the following two questions should be asked:

  • Are there enough potential players?
  • Are there enough volunteers to take care of club organisation and administration?

To be able to participate in any organised football, you must first of all affiliate the club to the County Football Association.  Affiliating is not a complex process and guidance notes are available to take you through step by step what information you need to provide. For more information on affiliation, please contact the Governance Department on 01458 832359.

Once you are in a position to affiliate to the County FA, you will be able to access ongoing support and help to run your club. Benefits include:

  • Being part of the National Game structure from grassroots to professional football
  • Eligibility to compete in County FA competitions (eg County Cups)
  • Discipline, Fair Play and Respect
  • Opportunities to apply for grant aid funding from The FA
  • Access to advice from County FA staff plus FA regional development, coaching and facilities personnel
  • Access to purchase public liability and personal injury insurance for your club, team and players
  • Access to The FA welfare programme
  • Access to County FA and FA communications, including your chance to help shape future development
  • Access to qualified referees for your matches.

Football club administration can be a major task, especially in multi-team clubs. You will need to keep track of membership, player attendance, monitor any incidents and keep up with general club development.

To help ease your administration, there are a number of form templates available to download which you can use for your club, however, if you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Somerset County FA for assistance.

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