FA Number and Password

Have you forgotten your FA Number and Password, or have you never actually received it?

Please use the link below to find your details:


'Forgotten your FAN?'

Once you click this link, you will automatically find your way onto the 'Forgotten your FAN?' page. Please use this to find your FAN, if you have previously set one up. Your FAN will be sent to the email address which is in your FAN profile. 

If a match cannot be found, this means either:

1) You have not previously created a FAN

2) Your current email is not the 'default' email address registered to your FAN.

3) You did not enter an email when you originally had a profile created. 

'Retrieve Password'

When you sign up and create a FAN profile online, you will create a password for all future log-ins. However, if your profile was created by a Wiltshire FA, or another County FA staff member, this means a password was never created for you. 

In order to create a password, you will need to use the 'Request Password Reset' function: http://www.thefa.com/account/RequestPasswordReset

Please fill in the online form, and you will receive an email to the default email address registered to your FAN. This email will include a link which will take you to a new window, which will allow you to set or reset a password.

If your FAN and email do not match, or you cannot be found, this could be because your do not have the correct email, or an email listed at all on your FAN profile. DO NOT CREATE A NEW FAN

Some people have created a new FAN each time they enrol on a course online - do not do this as it will mean you have several FAN profiles, and all of your qualifications will not be listed on the same profile. It will be difficult to monitor your progress, and rectify any errors as your details may be different across all of the different FAN.