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The FA Futsal Fives
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The FA Futsal Fives
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Somerset FA Futsal Fives leagues

Through The FA Futsal Fives, The FA has launched a series of indoor adult Futsal leagues across the country to encourage more players and teams to play this exciting format of five-a-side football.

Latest figures from Sport England Active People show that 1.7m people play small sided football once a month and around 1.3m people play small sided football every week. There are over 28,000 adult teams that play small sided football across England in organised competitive leagues. This level of participation makes small sided football one of the largest sports in the country.

What is Futsal?
Futsal is FIFA and UEFAs recognised format of 5-a-side football and in recent years has been embraced by The Football Association.

FIFA claim that it is the fastest growing indoor sport in the world, and is immensely popular outside of the UK. Futsal has played an important role in the technical development of some of the world’s leading football players; Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Kaka, Xavi, Ronaldinho to name just a few all played Futsal as they grew up and developed into world beaters.

The FA are keen to harness the benefits of this game and introduce it to benefit the technical development of English young players. Futsal is being played widely in schools, colleges and universities across the country, and The FA has established an adult National Futsal League and an England senior men’s Futsal team that plays in European and World Cups.

Futsal is a format of 5-a-side football that is played indoors with a smaller, heavier ball. The game is played to pitch lines and hockey-sized goals, which helps to encourage improved decision making and technical skill from young players.

Somerset FA currently have the following FA Futsal Fives Leagues

Hayesfield School, Bath (Tuesday)

League tables can be found here.

For more information about Futsal Fives or entering a team, please contact Aaron Clements: 01458 832359

Taunton  (coming soon)-

Stuart Wells: : 01458 832359

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