Obviously you will be aware that the county cup competition your club is still involved in has been suspended as part of the wider restrictions imposed both on football and society in general, at present there is no time specified when these restrictions may be lifted.  The  Somerset FA Board of directors have met on line to discuss what we should do with the competitions for this season. At present of our 13 county cups we are currently at different stages of the various competition, while some have finalists decide there are others where we are still at the quarter final stage.   The Board were conscious that there is currently no timetable for any return to “normality” and when football matches will be able to be played again, while there is some hope that we may be able do so in the summer this is no more than speculation. When we do start again we will have to find venues for our finals and doubtless the clubs who host us will want to start playing their own games as soon as possible. Furthermore, by time we start again, all registrations will have expired (they end on 31st May) and players in youth competitions will have moved up to the next age group.  Given this, and after much consideration, the directors have decided that all Somerset FA County Cup Competitions for season 2019-2020 season will be cancelled and the results in the competition will be expunged.   Free entry will be given for season 2020-2021 for all teams that entered the competition in season 2019-2020  The Board obviously appreciate the work that teams will have made to reach the stage they are at and every sympathy goes to the players and coaches of all of the teams. we are aware that this will likely be a great disappointment to you. We do not make this decision lightly but believe that it is the right one.

Preparations for Season 2020-21

We've assembled essential information for Leagues and Clubs ahead of next season.


At last week’s Board meeting the subject of the County AGM was discussed. The County AGM was scheduled for Thursday 5th June; the Board feel that given current circumstances this date was not practical and have therefore decided to postpone the meeting. They have not yet set a rearranged a date although it will be later in the summer or even towards the start of the proposed date of the new season.

One of the reasons for decision is that all league and club AGM should be held before the county AGM; given the uncertainty this would allow clubs and leagues more time. You should still have an AGM, and now you have that time if you wish. However, if you want to go ahead and meet now, this can be done online. Your league/club may have online way of holding one, however we are able to “host” a meeting for you using our Microsoft teams software; if you would like to find out how we can help then please contact Jennifer Gregory. We also have advice on how you can host an online AGM.

League Seasons

As you are probably aware, The FA have cancelled the season and declared them null and void for all leagues from Step 3-7 in the men’s and women’s pyramid. Outside the National League season, "grassroots" in everyday speak, the season has likewise been cancelled but leagues do have the option to award championships, promote and relegate by using a points per match formula. Last week the FA council voted to confirm that decision.

We held an online meeting with our leagues to discuss this last Monday week to discuss their end of season options. Our feeling is that leagues know their clubs best and while we are happy to help in any way we can we will support the decision you make for the good of your competition.



During the current lockdown period The FA have issued guidance for clubs and leagues seeking to get members DBS checked.

Safeguarding concerns should be emailed to: safeguarding@somersetfa.com. In urgent (but non-emergency) cases you may contact Jon Pike on: 07946 182 658.

In the case of an emergency, contact the Police on: 999


A number of clubs have asked, given that the season has been cancelled, would discipline earned during the season be likewise cancelled. The answer to this is no. the FA have decided, for all county FA that all cautions, send off and misconducts accrued during the season will stand along with fines and suspensions, therefore any suspensions not yet competed will carry over until next year. Hearings, will be held over until restrictions are lifted if a personal hearing is requested. If you have any questions on discipline, please contact Jennifer Gregory.

 This is a national decision made by the FA and will cover all County FAs.

Affiliation, Cups and Essentials for next season

Read about our round of financial support for clubs, our 'ACE of Hearts' ahead of next season here.

Anything Else...

We are operating with a core of staff with some colleagues placed on furlough leave, and intend to give you the same level of service as before the current crisis. Please continue to contact those members of staff who remain working remotely with anything we can assist you with at this time.