SFA Future Leaders Event 2023

Empowering Young Leaders: Somerset FA Future Leaders Day


Somerset FA’s Youth Council recently organised the first Future Leaders Day, aimed at nurturing the potential of 40 young individuals aged 11-14. Held at Strode College, this event included a range of workshops and practical activities that focused on utilising football to enhance life skills and employability. The day was a huge success, providing the young participants with valuable experiences and knowledge that will benefit them both on and off the pitch. Throughout the day, Future Leaders took part in several workshops:

Communication: Building Stronger Teams
Led by Youth Council members Katie and Issy, the Future Leaders delved into the art of effective communication. Through engaging in alternative formats of football, such as blind football taster sessions, they discovered the significance of teamwork and improved their understanding of the various football formats provided by Somerset FA. By using different communication techniques, Future Leaders learned the importance of different types of communication and how this can help them during school and working life. 

FL15  FL17

Self-Management: The Power of S.H.E.D
Led by Youth Council members Elliot and Georgia, this workshop centred around the principles of self-management. Using the S.H.E.D (Sleep, Hydration, Exercise, and Diet) approach, Future Leaders explored how these four pillars contribute to overall well-being. Recognising the challenges often faced by individuals in this age group, the workshop emphasised the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between school, relationships, sports, and work. Equipped with an understanding of S.H.E.D, Future Leaders gained valuable insights into effectively managing their daily lives.

FL4 FL34

Navigating Change: Strategies for Success
In the "Navigating Change" workshop, hosted by Youth Council members Freya and Jamie, the Future Leaders took part in football games with unexpected rule variations. By experiencing these changes first hand, they learned to adapt their strategies and think critically. The workshop encouraged Future Leaders to embrace change, viewing it as an opportunity for growth and development.

FL20 FL26

Consultation: Empowering Young Voices
Hosted by Youth Council members Alex and Tom, Future Leaders were given a platform to voice their opinions and contribute ideas for grassroots football in Somerset. Football Development Officers, Rebecca Snelling and Nick Hawkins, actively participated in this session to gather valuable insights from the young leaders regarding their feelings towards football and how coaches and spectators can create a positive environment. This workshop empowered the Future Leaders and reinforced their belief in the impact they can make within their local football community.

FL9 FL12

Group Reflection
To conclude the day, Future Leaders engaged in a group reflection session, learning the art of self-reflection and its importance in personal growth. Through guided reflection, Future Leaders gained a deeper understanding of their experiences throughout the day and identified areas for improvement. 

FL23 FL29

The Somerset FA Future Leaders Day was an outstanding success, and a huge thanks must go to the Youth Council for organising the day and delivering their workshops. Future Leaders learned valuable life skills, including effective communication, self-management, adaptability, and the power of reflection. The event not only enhanced their understanding of football but also their potential to become well-rounded individuals and future leaders in their footballing communities. 

Somerset FA continue to empower young voices through football and create positive environments for young people to share their views. The impact of this Future Leaders Day is sure to resonate with Future Leaders for years to come as they continue their footballing journeys across Somerset and beyond.