As with many other aspects of football administration, The Whole Game System is replacing the archaic, paper-based discipline process that currently exists in grassroots football.


Responding to Discipline Cases & Paying Fines

It's important to remember that unlike in previous years, all elements of discipline can have different due dates even if you receive them within the same club statement.

Don't Get Caught Out!

The simplest way to stay on top of your discipline, and to avoid any late fines or further sanctions is to remember this:

You must acknowledge case(s) by its due date to avoid receiving an automatic £20 fine. This date will possibly be different to other cases from the same game and will be an earlier date than your invoice date.

Do not wait to receive the invoice before you respond to the charge.

Timescales for responding to cases

 Standard Dismissal
(Red Card)

7 days from the date advised in portal

(Yellow Card)

14 days from the date advised in portal


14 days from the date advised in portal

Responding to Discipline (via WGS) in 5 easy steps

The Whole Game System will be available for all clubs to deal with their discipline and pay fees online from the commencement of the 2015/16 season (providing you have attended the necessary Whole Game System workshop)

1- Log in via the Club Portal
You will need to use your FAN (Football Association Number) or email address and associated password handy. If you don't have a FAN or can't remember your password -
click here

2- Click on your role as "Club Secretary" and follow the "Discipline" tab
This tab which will appear on the left hand side of your screen.

3- Check all player information is still correct
Click on the player name - this information may be populated already, however check and/or amend as necessary.

4- Respond to each charge accordingly
Click on the case ID and press the appropriate "acknowledge" or "respond" button completing any suspension or plea information as appropriate. 

(Please adhere to the acknowledgement due date when responding to a case as failure to comply will result in a £20 late fine)

5- Pay
In order to pay navigate to the "Invoice" tab on the left hand menu and then choose the relevant invoice/s to pay.

Payment maybe done through Barclaycard's reliable and secure "Smartpay" system requiring a debit/credit card or you can open up an invoice for BACS payment information. Alternatively we take cash in person or cheque.

(Please adhere to the payment due date when making a payment as failure to comply will result in a £20 late fine)

Personal Hearings

A guide to personal hearings can be found here.

Player Suspension Changes

Any changes to a Players Suspension (e.g. Original matches postponed, abandoned, rescheduled or cup replays) can be done by navigating to the suspension through the case ID and updating the suspension as appropriate.

Abuse & Discrimination Referral Form

If you are the subject of abuse or discrimination during a game, please report it to Somerset FA on discipline@somersetfa.com using the Abuse and Discrimination referral form. If you have require further clarification or support please contact the county office.

Further Help and Support

Should you require any additional support please visit the help pages by clicking here 

For more information regarding Discipline or WGS and its procedures please contact the Senior Governance Administrator Jennifer Gregory on 01458 832359 (Option 1) or email Jennifer.Gregory@somersetfa.com