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Refereeing Support

The Somerset FA Referees Development Team

Referee Development Officer - Matt Eva
Matt heads up the team and is responsible for the recruitment, retention and development of referees at all levels across the county.

Referees Appointments Officer - Keith Ingram
Keith appoints all match officials to County Cup matches and veterans football. 

Assessing Co-Ordinator - Martin Peters
Martin's role is to appoint the assessors to games, collect assessments and forward them on to our review officer. 

Assessing Review Officer - Simon Snartt.
Simon works alongside Martin quality assuring all the assessments from level 7-5 referees.

Development Group Director- Ron Ganfield
Ron works closely with Matt to head up our county training group, which provides ongoing training and development opportunities to all of our Referees.


Referees Association
Ali Francis
Neil Meadows
Steph Gadd
West Somerset
John Harvey
Ian Harley

annual referees Registration

What you will need...

(i) Internet access – To register online you will require internet access and you need to log on to the Whole Game System home page. You can do this by clicking here.

(ii) FAN (NPD) Number – To log in to the Whole Game System you will need your FAN (NPD) Number. This has been emailed to you previously, if you cannot remember it then please contact me.

(iii) Password – The first stage of the online registration process is to ensure you can log into your referee dashboard. If you can remember your password then you will be able to enter it here. If you cannot remember your password then you will need to clink 'forgotten password' and follow the instructions on screen.

(iv) Credit/Debit card – you will require a valid Credit/Debit card to pay at the end of the process. 

(v) Email address – you require a valid email address which is recorded in the FA’s County Administration System (CAS) as this is where your password (if required) and receipt will be sent. 

Once you have entered your referee dashboard then you just follow the steps through the process.

Should you need any further assistance then a video guide can be found here along with other training materials for you to look through.