Summer Tournaments

In accordance with FA Rules and Regulations all “one off” or small sided competitions must be sanctioned by the local County FA This includes tournaments, festivals and charity based matches. Should this not be done all competing clubs and participating referees are liable to disciplinary action

Clubs are reminded that you may only play in affiliated tournaments. It is against FA rules to play in unaffiliated competitions.

If you are unsure as to whether a competition is affiliated, just give the county office a call, we will be able to advise you.

Registering your Event

To register your event you will need to complete three different tasks:

• Complete and return the Application for Sanction Form to Somerset FA (at least 14 days prior to your event)
• Send in a copy of your event rules for clarification
• A £9 sanction fee (for one day tournament) £18 (for more than one day)

Public Liability Insurance

Please note that clubs already affiliated to Somerset FA are covered by the Public Liability Insurance as detailed in the county handbook. Unaffiliated or 'ad hoc' teams are not covered by this insurance.

Our Guide to Club Administration offers some great tips about running your event.


The FA Rule states that leagues can organise a maximum of three trophy events during the season, lasting a variety of different weeks according to age. The ‘league season’ in youth football typically runs from September to April/May and then there is a period of about 8 weeks that grassroots clubs and companies run tournaments, often with the purpose of generating income to fund the following season. These one-day club events are usually separate sanctioned events, via an Application for Sanction form from the OFA.
Therefore, these one-day club/commercial events can be run for a trophy with a published winner, at all ages, if the organising club/company chooses to operate in this way. However, if they choose to run the younger age groups in a festival format this is permissible.