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Somerset FA is the not-for-profit body responsible for the development and governance of grassroots football in Somerset since 1885. We work with the FA to deliver the national game strategy in our county, ensuring that the beautiful game is accessible and enjoyable for all.

Somerset Football Association is responsible for interpreting and applying the 'Rules and Regulations' of its parent body 'The Football Association' to its Divisions, Leagues and Clubs. It will lead and ensure that the successful development of football covering increased participation, quality and enjoyment will be harnessed to The FA's National Game Strategy.

We will continue to strive to develop, particularly at 'Grass Roots Level', participation in the National Game for all individuals regardless of ability, gender, age, sexual orientation and ethnic background.

We will promote the 'National Game Strategy' using key enablers to ensure all goals are met.

We will work closely in partnership with the footballing community in Somerset to give added value to the National Game.

We will endeavour where there is need to provide information and deliver events deemed beneficial to the National Game.

We will actively encourage all leagues, clubs, and match officials under our jurisdiction to participate for the further benefit of FA led initiatives.

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide opportunities for everyone to fall in love with the beautiful game
  • To provide equality for all
  • To strive for achievement

Our Values

Creative  |  Inclusive  |  Dedicated

Our Vision

"Football for Everyone, Everyone for Football"

Give all of your players even playing time Even Stevens
Fair play on & off the pitch

Rules and Regulations

FA Rules and Regulations ensure fair play in the grassroots game, both on and off the pitch.

  • Laws of the Game
  • Discipline
  • Safeguarding & Welfare
  • Inclusion

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