Individual Access to Football Fund

Somerset FA Individual Access to Football Fund

Somerset FA would like to remove all barriers to playing football. We recognise that finance is one of those, a situation exacerbated by the current financial position. Our fund is open to individuals who are at risk of not being able to participate in football as a result of significant financial hardship. If you as an individual (or the individual you care for) are unable to afford the essential costs of playing football, this fund is here to help you play the game.

What can we fund?

Strand A: Equipment for you or the individual you care for (e.g., boots, shin pads, goalie gloves, specialised glasses, any other individual specialised equipment)

Strand B: Running costs for you or the individual you care for (e.g. training and match fees, transport)

How to Apply?

Already part of a club? You can apply to us directly by completing the application form, or if the club are happy to and have the resources to, they can apply on your behalf for this support and via this same form. If you do not wish to disclose this to your club, you are still able to apply directly to us by completing this form.

Not part of a club? You should apply to us directly by completing this form. In this case we would contribute the full grant. The form is simple and asks for the minimum amount of information; you will not be “means tested” as part of this form.

How much can I claim? You can claim up to £100. We would hope that your club would contribute 50% of this to allow us to reach more people, however if not possible we could support 100% of this claim.

How will I receive the grant? We will ask the club, or you individually, if the application is not via a club, to supply us details of the account you would like the money paid to and will make a bank transfer.

IF you have any questions whilst you are completing the form, or you need help to complete the form, need it in paper form, or in a different language, please do not hesitate to contact / 07951 360626.

To complete the application form; please click on this link:

Somerset FA Individual Access to Football Fund (

Get In Touch

Rachael Lawler-Edwards

Football Development Officer - Female Participation and Inclusion

01458 832 359 Option 3

07951 360 626