Accreditation Renewals

Thank you for being an England Football Accredited Club!

You will be required to renew your accreditation via the Club Portal Dashboard, formerly the Annual Health Check, from November 1st 2022 to April 30th 2023. 

If you need any support with renewals, please contact us with any questions. Failure to complete renewals will result in accreditation being removed. 


Club Development plans must be completed to demonstrate the club’s sustainability and allow the County FA to support your club further. Once complete, please upload to the Club Portal under My Club > Club Policies > Upload own document> Club Development Plan.



2&3 Star

Development Plan Example




All existing clubs will receive digital assets, welcome pack and certificate outlined above.

For existing accredited clubs, the rewards vary based on your star rating:

• 1-Star clubs receive £30 in Kitlocker vouchers and 4 x Nike Strike Footballs

• 2-Star clubs receive £100 in Kitlocker vouchers and 7 x Nike Strike Footballs

• 3-Star clubs receive £200 in Kitlocker vouchers, 16 x Nike Strike Footballs

Renewal via the Clubs Portal:

Clubs Portal has been improved to enhance accessibility and simplification. This now follows a similar format to the affiliation process and is in the ‘Accreditation’ tab (last season to renew it was located on the ‘Dashboard’ tab, which is now not in use).

Open/Close Dates

England Football Accredited Clubs have between the 1st November and the 10th March to complete the renewal. Clubs who became accredited after the 1st June 2023 are not eligible for accreditation in this season’s window.

Linked Clubs

Clubs that are linked will require the parent club to submit the renewal. In order to submit, the other linked clubs must have completed their checklist. Club links can be added and removed via the Clubs Portal > My Club > Linked Organisations

Youth Teams with Qualified Coach (YTWQC)

Last season, clubs could tick the declaration to state they are committed to having a qualified coach within each youth team and it would allow them to auto-renew. This season, it will come to County FA review if a club is not meeting this set of criteria and we can work with you to achieve this.

Disability Pathway

The requirement for a club to have a disability team playing within an FA sanctioned competition has been removed this season. This means that if a club has a disability team affiliated, then it will be recognised in their pathways and contribute to their star rating.

Star Ratings

Similarly to last season, clubs will be able to provide information on whether they will be working towards meeting their current star rating requirements. Clubs will be prompted to add a comment on how they are working towards the next star rating. This will then be reviewed by Somerset FA who will choose to maintain or downgrade the current star rating. Please note that if you are working towards increasing your provision this must be clearly evidenced, and we may ask you to provide more information to see how we can support you to achieve this.