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Improving the Matchday Experience

The Somerset FA want to work with leagues, clubs, players, referees, spectators and parents to improve the Matchday experience. We are receiving an increasing number of reports of poor practice and behaviour which ultimately leads to a less enjoyable experience. The Somerset FA will now act upon every single report of poor behaviour we receive and work with clubs and individuals concerned to address the issues to help improve the playing environment to make it a more enjoyable experience. The Somerset FA have put together a process for dealing with any club reported to us for poor practice and behaviour from coaches, players and spectators or parents. Clubs will be held accountable for the behaviour of everyone connected to their club, including parents and spectators.

How to Report
Poor behaviour and practice causing a negative playing experience can be reported to the Somerset in one of three different ways.
We want to help create a positive playing environment so we need to know about all the good practice and behaviour that is going, and we know there is plenty. So therefore if your club, or an opposition club, helps to create a good playing experience for players we want to know about it. Use the same three methods above to let us know about anything you see that you think helps to create a positive playing experience and we will give the club recognition and share with other clubs as an example of best practice


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