somerset fa is changing

Somerset FA are changing...

The game has and continues to change, we're reforming our Governance structures to better serve the game in our county and we want your input.

Somerset FA is conducting a review of its governance structures to better enable us to represent the football community in Somerset. 

A working group has been tasked with understanding, evaluating and proposing amendments to our decision making bodies by the 2019 AGM in June. The group will consider the remit and recruitment of our Board of Directors and Council. 

The aims of the working group are:

  • To understand the purpose of Somerset FA and its mission
  • To understand the role and function of the SFA Board at present
  • To understand the role and function of the SFA Council at present
  • To consider the relationship between the Board, Council, SFA Staff, strategic partners, the Football Association and other stakeholders not least its member clubs, leagues and referees in the delivery of the SFA mission
  • Draw up a structure for the SFA Board including, though not limited to, its composition, election and terms of office, so that it can manage Somerset FA Ltd to deliver its objectives with its key stakeholders to represent the diverse make-up of the county
  • Draw up a structure for the SFA Council. Initially to be the need for the body, and if it is deemed necessary to include, though not limited to, its composition, election and terms of office, or to present an alternative structure if deemed necessary; to aid the staff and board in the delivery of their objectives that represents the football community within Somerset
  • Prepare a proposal paper listing their findings for consideration of the Board in April 2019

The working group consists of the following members who will act as a conduit for the views of their interest groups:

Board Representative: Alan Hurford
Council Representative: Gary Best
Inclusion Advisory Group Representative: Jenny Dixon
Youth Council Representative: Tom Boylan
Staff Representative: Conor Ogilvie-Davidson
Independent Representative: Mike Hodges (Chair)

As a working group, we would like to consult as widely as possible, so we have created a simple online form (below) for you to express your opinions. 

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