Ball Launcher Partnership

Somerset FA have joined forces with Ball Launcher to encourage the use of a fantastic training product throughout the county. 

The Ball Launcher is an award-winning and innovative training tool that delivers footballs at a wide range of speeds and spins for practice. It has been designed to support coaches in the development and training of players and teams of all ages and abilities from grassroots up to professional level. 

The Ball Launcher can provide every ball delivery possible and can reliably serve up anything from inswingers and outswingers to lofted slow chips, fast dips, bouncers and even knuckleballs with speeds ranging from 5mph up to 80mph. 

We asked Company Managing Director Daniel Judge what he believes the main benefits for clubs, academies, soccer schools and players will be in Somerset.

“Using the machine in training scenarios removes ball delivery wastage as it takes consistency into its own hands whilst providing over 200 good balls an hour to work with. This brings immense benefits in terms of training output and the speed in which players and teams of all ages and abilities can develop. 

In addition to this a key requirement of training in the modern game is also player engagement and providing interactive and enjoyable sessions alongside the important technical learning. We built the Ball Launcher with this in mind and have witnessed it many times ourselves through the sessions we have conducted. Importantly it’s one of the main types of positive feedback we get from our existing customers.” 

The team at Ball Launcher, a UK based company, have tried to think of everything in the creation of this machine.  It is not only able to repeatedly replicate any delivery you could imagine, but it is lightweight, easy for anybody to use, portable in a small family car, affordable, nice to look at and uses the finest quality of materials throughout. 

We put the question to our Chief Executive Officer at Somerset FA Jonathan Pike on why he wanted to form this partnership with Ball Launcher.

“From first seeing the product we believed the Ball Launcher would be a great addition to many of our clubs, academies and coaching set ups because it helps to encourage the rapid development and honing of both individual technique and team plays in a fun and engaging learning environment.” 

Richard was keen to add what this partnership arrangement will specifically bring to those in Somerset. 

“A key part of our partnership agreement was to secure the ability for those in Somerset to pay for the product in interest free instalments that can be spread over 3, 6 or 12 months if they wish. We appreciate that not every club is cash rich, but also feel they should have the opportunity to use and benefit from such brilliant training tools.” 

For a young company Ball Launcher has been able to attract some high profile customers with their product so far such as Bristol City, Chelsea and Arsenal. 

ball launcher clients

However, MD Daniel is keen to point out that the company provides customers from all levels of the game from grass roots up to professional.

“We have designed this machine to be able to help all ages and abilities train and improve. It is extremely versatile and can be adapted easily to suit the level of the users. For example it is very easy to control and could be used for a fun and engaging shot stopping session with 7 year olds at 15mph in one session, quickly followed by an intense 80mph whipped high speed session with Premier league players in the next. For any age or ability the Ball Launcher can encourage player development quicker than possible before. We’ve seen the benefits first-hand already in the market through our customers, with players improving rapidly and being able to attribute a match-winning goal, save or ball control to use of the ball launcher machine.” 

If you are interested in purchasing a Ball Launcher or to simply find out more, please contact: using 'Somerset FA Ball Launcher' as the email subject heading.

As part of our partnership launch campaign we are offering a further £300 reduction on RRP for a suitable club within Somerset that is available to film a localised Ball Launcher action video with the team that will be used for commercial purposes. If you are interested, please contact our Marketing and Commercial Partnerships Officer Conor by email: 

We only have 1 available space for this so don’t delay if you are interested!