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Rainbow Laces land in Somerset!

We've got club packs and laces to give out to Somerset clubs and referees for the 2019 #RainbowLaces campaign!

We're delighted to have received an allocation of Club Packs (1 Captain's Armband and 16 pairs of Rainbow Laces) and pairs of Rainbow Laces for Referees to give out to support this year's activation!

The #RainbowLaces campaign this year will run from November 22nd to December 8th. 

Simply fill in the relevant form below for your club or as a referee and we'll allocate our resources to the best applications! Don't worry if you're not successful however, because we have a discounted deal with Stonewall to purchase your own laces if you still want to take part!

All participants will have free access to the same platform used by several Premier League clubs, called Playing Surface, to create custom digital assets to support the campaign on Social Media as well!

You can access the social media assets and all of the campaign activation resources on our website here.

If you require more information, please feel free to contact our Marketing Officer at:

club application form

referees application form