Season 2019-20 County Cup Update

Somerset FAs Board of Directors met online and have decided the fate of this season's competitions.

You will be aware that all county cup competitions have been suspended as part of the wider restrictions imposed both on football and society in general, at present there is no time specified when these restrictions may be lifted.

The Somerset FA Board of directors have met on line to discuss what we should do with the competitions for this season. At present of our 13 county cups are at various stages of the competition; while some have finalists decided there are others still at the quarter final stage. 

The Board were conscious that there is currently no timetable for any return to “normality” and when football matches will be able to be played again, while there is some hope that we may be able do so in the summer, however, this is no more than speculation. When we do start again we will have to find venues for our finals and doubtless the clubs who host us will want to start playing their own games as soon as possible. Furthermore, by time we start again, all registrations will have expired (they end on 31st May) and players in youth competitions will have moved up to the next age group.

Given this, and after much consideration, the directors have decided that all Somerset FA County Cup Competitions for season 2019-2020 season will be cancelled and the results in the competition will be expunged. 

Free entry will be given for season 2020-2021 for all teams that entered the competition in season 2019-2020

The Board obviously appreciate the work that teams will have made to reach the stage they are at and every sympathy goes to the players and coaches of all of the teams; we are aware that this will likely be a great disappointment to you. We do not make this decision lightly but believe that it is the right one.