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2020 AGM Summary

A summary of the Somerset FA AGM held on August 13th via Webex.

The 135th Annual General Meeting of the Somerset FA took place on Thursday 13th August, here is a brief summary of the decisions made at the meeting:

1. Election of Officers

The only nomination received was for Francis Hillier, the incumbent, and he was duly re-elected to serve as President for the 23rd year

Peter Hockley, stepped down as Chairman of the Association after seven years in post. His successor is Phil Chaplin, the deputy chairman, who becomes only the 7th person to assume the office in the 135 years of the association

Deputy Chairman
With the current Deputy Chairman becoming Chair, there was a vacancy in this role; David Braithwaite was elected as the new deputy.

2. Rule Proposals

In all there were seven proposed changes to the rules to be voted on, all of them related to county cup competitions, the result of those votes were as follows:


For: Men’s Senior Cup, Women’s Senior Cup, Men’s Junior Cup, Women’s Junior Cup, Intermediate Cup & Sunday Challenge Cup
Proposal: A club may enter more than one team in the competition pursuant with other entry criteria.



Proposal: Formation of a new County Cup (amalgamating the Premier and Senior Cup)



For: All Competitions (Excluding Premier Cup)
Proposal: Rule 10 (d) Grounds; Add to the existing text: Postponed matches up to 72 hours prior to kick off, the match must be transferred to the opponents ground or their chosen ground if available



For: Women’s Senior and Women’s Junior Cups 
Proposal: Rule 10 Grounds: No reserved or rescheduled cup games for the period before Christmas to after the first week in January (e.g. 21 December 2020 to 9 January 2021)



Proposal: Formation of a new County Cup to incorporate all the Reserve sides that cannot play county cup football due to playing to close a standard to their first teams. 


Note: The passing of resolution 1 above had the same effect as this proposal



For: Definition of Senior and Junior Competitions
Proposal: The standard in which the Bristol & District Senior Division is classed at present to be reviewed. 


3. Council Elections

There are two divisional seats in the county, North and South divisions. For the South division with only one nomination there was no need for an election, although this did mean a new councillor, Alan Slade. In the North division there were two nominations, and an election was required; the results were as follows:

BRIAN ROSE - 4 Votes


Therefore, Martin Coles was elected to the council to represent the North division.

Following that election the final constitution for the Council for the 2020-21 season was decided, it will be as follows:
Life Members 
F P Hillier
F J Brooks
A W J Cumner
N Griffin
B E Wells
R J Hemburrow
A P Hockley
D Bridger
A G Hurford
R J Fox
G Noyce
R Brinsford
B Beer
G Close
J D Shearing
A N Rosekilly
Mrs V Gilbert
J L Harvey
R S Slocombe
L Loveday 
Nominated Representatives
Bath & District: Brian Bishop
Bridgwater & District: Dean Waghorn
Mid Somerset: Ryan Grubb
Midsomer Norton & District Youth League: Neil Marklew 
Midsomer Norton & District Mini League: Gary Smart
Perry Street: Christopher Ware
Somerset County League: Steve Densley, Stephanie Webb & Matthew Councell
Somerset County Women’s League: Richard Swaine
Somerset Girls League: Dean Adams
Somerset Junior Premier League: TBC
Somerset Under 18 League: Gary Best
Taunton & District Saturday League: Nick Stilton
Taunton & District Sunday League: TBC
Taunton Youth League: Robin Saddington 
Western Counties Floodlight Youth League: Richard Sloane 
Weston Super Mare & District League: Dave Brine
Woodspring Junior League: John Major
Yeovil & District League: Carrie-Anne Morgan
Yeovil District Youth League: Ashely Bussell  
Yeovil Under Mini League: Ron Hodgson
Somerset Referees Association: Neil Meadows
Somerset Schools FA: Mo Hopkins
Western League: Richard Palette
Inclusion Action Group: Ken Pearson
SFA Youth Council: TBC 
Northern Division: Martin Coles
Southern Division: Alan Slade
Co-Opted Members: Roy Penney, Steve Bayliss & Terry Cotton