Attract more sponsorship income for your club!

Our new partnership with Snap Sponsorship can help your club secure more sponsorship income.

We're excited to launch our new partnership with Snap Sponsorship, who are dedicated to helping business owners, brands and grassroots sports clubs thrive through generating sponsorship.


In 2012 SNAP Sponsorship Ltd was launched by CEO Mark Covington with the support of Chairman Simon Pennock. Inspiration and motivation for the business was discovered whilst working on the funding and development of a new clubhouse at Mark’s local rugby club, Guildford RFC.

Having worked in a range of industries, spanning voluntary and major blue-chip firms, Mark identified a methodology to enable sports clubs to grow through sponsorship. Initially working with local businesses in a range of different fields, with the aim of identifying and nurturing long-term partnerships based upon mutual benefits.

The demand for SNAP Sponsorship’s services quickly outgrew the manpower resources SNAP Sponsorship had at its disposal and the decision was taken to automate the methodology, to enable all clubs, from any sport, at any level, to benefit from the approach to sponsorship which had been refined in the consultancy business.

Development of the platform has resulted a fully integrated, one of a kind, sponsorship portal. The team is incredibly proud to have changed the perception and accessibility of sponsorship for the masses.

Give yourself, your club volunteers, commercial managers the tools to succeed. We are delighted with the results……. Can you beat the record of 7 sponsors secured in 5 days..?

Somerset FA clubs can redeem a discount on the subscription price of £9 a month by using the code: SomersetFA.

£9 a month was found by independent research into be the average cost of an individual's subs to a grassroots sports club in England. This low subscription price makes accessing the platform accessible to all clubs big and small. Snap Sponsorship also take 0% commission on all deals secured through the site. 

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Remember to use code SomersetFA if you sign up to the platform to redeem the exclusive discount!