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Somerset FA teams up with Veo

Somerset FA have entered into an exciting partnership with Veo to help improve analysis, player experience and grow clubs in the County.
Somerset FA have entered into an exciting, mutually beneficial partnership with global technology company, Veo, to help increase video analysis, player experience and grow clubs in the County. 
Through a dual 4K lens camera and AI technology the camera and software is able to capture the entire pitch whilst also following the on-field action. Through Veo’s revolutionary cloud platform the system is able automatically tag goals and track the ball. 
The platform also enables the building of player profiles, tagging, analysis, draw-on-screen and many more features that gives coaches the opportunity to analyse their games.
The deal will mean that players/coaches/clubs and fans will all be able to see the camera in action at representative level, on the road at clubs around the county who get in touch with Somerset FA for a trial, and also purchase the camera at a discounted rate. 
Having recently purchased a Veo system, Frome Town FC are excited to get back on the grass and continue their great work at youth and non-league level. 
“The power of video is fundamental to sports teams' fan engagement. We've struggled to secure regular cameramen and the VEO system will provide a consistent supply of footage and analysis for our coaching team... and for the fans. We're very excited to see what we can achieve." Gary Collinson, Football & Operations Director, Frome Town FC.
"We're delighted to have the VEO system, this is a fantastic opportunity for our youth coaches to improve the quality of our coaching and planning. Allowing players to watch back their own performances and take on board coaching comments. All whilst continuing to promote our club as the pinnacle of youth football in our area" Ben Start, Vice Chairman of Frome Town Robins
Veo’s UK Market Manager, Oli Perkins said “Somerset FA have a massive sense of community and passion around their football. I’m very happy we can bring this community together and develop better players in the County through this partnership”
Somerset FA’s Marketing and Partnerships Officer, Conor Ogilvie-Davidson added “Veo is an unrivalled system to capture your games and training without a camera man to not only improve your payers, but also create engaging content that can be shared with your club, your fans, members and the world via social media! The ability for all clubs to raise their profile using video content captured by the Veo system is revolutionary. I’ve had the pleasure of using Veo cameras with our Representative Teams, with our Girls Advanced Coaching Centre and with a few clubs ahead of this launch, the system couldn’t be easier to use and the results are fantastic!”

If you would like to get in touch with Veo and learn about how you can bring video to your club with no obligation to buy, please follow the link below.

Get in touch with veo

Alternatively, if you are ready to buy you can visit the UK Shop and use the code 100somerset to get £100 off the camera!

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