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Matchday Monitor Recruitment

Somerset FA are receiving an increasing number of complaints around poor practice and bad behaviour at youth football matches, both on and off the pitch. This poor practice often sits outside of both the discipline and safeguarding procedures and contributes to a negative playing experience. As a result, the SFA have developed a process for dealing with these reports and one of the steps of the process is having teams matches monitored.

This role will support the SFA and clubs in tackling poor behaviour in grassroots football and will play a key role in improving young players matchday experience.

Key responsibilities:

- To work with the Football Development Officer (Clubs and Leagues) to attend selected teams matches as highlighted by reports of poor practice.
- Attendance at matches could be at quite short notice as and when reports are received.
- SFA may ask monitors to attend matches without receiving reports.
- At matches record findings around behaviour of parents, coaches, and players in line with the Respect and Matchday Experience campaign.
- After attending matches report back to FDO with findings using an online template or via email. (questions and areas of focus are pre-determined).
- Report good behaviour and practice as well as poor. SFA are keen to highlight good practice wherever possible.
- To remain impartial at all times 

Please note this is a voluntary position. Expenses incurred through travel will be paid at 35p per mile. 

We will aim to allocate matches close to your home address, with a maximum 30mile travel radius from your home where possible.

Please fill out the below form if you would like to become a Matchday Monitor:

Matchday monitor form