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IMPORTANT - False Email Messages

We have been contacted by one of our youth teams after they received an email, implying that it was from Somerset FA. The Email referred to one of their players congratulating him on his recent performances and stating that he was being watched by scouts who would likely talk to him after the next match he played. The email address which ended in gmail.com was not from Somerset FA.


Please note any communication from Somerset FA will end in @SOMERSETFA.COM If the email does not end in, @somersetfa.com, then it is NOT a Somerset FA communication. Therefore, if you receive any email of this nature, we urge you not to respond to it. Instead, you should forward it to us immediately. If you have concerns about the welfare of a child or young person relating to such an email, then you may wish to escalate to the police or children’s services.


Obviously, it is concerning that someone masquerading as Somerset FA should be contacting clubs alleging their players are being scouted. Any legitimate scout will not imply they are working for Somerset FA, not least because we do not operate any kind of scouting system for any club. If you are contacted by anyone purporting to be a scout, be that by email or physically, you should always make every effort to verify their authenticity before engaging. If they are legitimately from a club then contact the club they claim to be from and verify this.