Coaches Corner Event - Coaches Conference

Venue- Yeovil Town Football Club, Lufton Way, Yeovil, BA22 8YF

Sunday 19th June 2022: 9.30am-4pm

 Somerset FA are pleased to offer all coaches across the county the opportunity of 6-hours of accredited CPD. The workshops will be delivered by the excellent FA Coach Development Officers with a further session delivered by e-CAN. The day is open to coaches of all ages and abilities, from Playmaker through to UEFA B.


9.30-10am: Arrival and registration
10-10.30am- Introduction
10.30am-12pm: Workshop 1- Developing Skillful Players (Delivered by FA Coach Developers)
12pm: Lunch (please bring your own)
12.30-2pm: Workshop 2: Why Our Players Play  (Delivered by FA Coach Developers)
2-2.15pm: Break
2.15- 3.45pm: Linking Players to Units to Teams (Delivered by e-CAN)
3.45-4pm: Networking and Finish

Workshop 1- Developing Skillful Players

This event will take a look into how we can help develop skillful behaviour within our players, what it looks like across the 4 corners, what practices might help and how we can shape the practice to encourage more exploration of skillful solutions.

The event will showcase a number of practices, delivered by our Coach Development Officers, for you to consider. They will highlight how we can apply a range of constraints that will present new problems for our players to overcome, they will ask you to observe and consider how the 4 corners interconnect and influence how players adapt to new situations.

Workshop 2- Why Our Players Play

This workshop will support you to reflect on the reasons your players love playing football, the impact your behaviours as a coach can have on their enjoyment and provide some practical ideas for you to try out in training.

If you have two teams, a goal at both ends of the pitch and a way to win the game or practice you’re well on the way to helping players fall in love and stay in love with football.

Workshop 3- Linking Players to Units to Teams

In an ideal world we, as coaches, would have a full squad of players present at training each week, and access to a full size pitch. Instead, we are tasked with trying to develop players in smaller groups and with minimal space. This workshop will look at how we can work with individuals and small units of players, and put on realistic and relevant practices, transferrable to their game.

This session will be delivered by a coach educator from e-CAN. For more information on e-CAN please click HERE.

Only coaches that pre-register can attend this event.
If your club signed up to the £50 CPD offer at the start of the 21/22 season then they can use your club code to access this day at no additional cost. If you cannot remember your club code please contact the Somerset FA.


To sign up to the event click HERE.