Safeguarding Awareness for Parents and Carers Course

Our Safeguarding Awareness for Parents & Carers' course is designed to help you to make an informed choice about the football setting you enrol your child in.

This course will help you to:

·         Know what safeguarding is and that you have a role to play as a parent or carer.

·         Understand that children's football should be centred around the needs and wellbeing of children.

·         Increase awareness of the different forms, signs and indicators of abuse, including ‘grooming’ as well as understanding what constitutes poor practice, and how this links to abuse.

·         Increase your confidence regarding what safeguards should be in place at a child's club or football setting, and how to check this.

·         Increase your awareness of reporting concerns through recognised channels.

·         Increase your awareness of the behaviours that are expected in children’s football environments.


You can sign up to the course by clicking the link below.