Football Black List

Black History month - Football Black list award

Following on from the Football Black List Awards at the end of September, we celebrate Lauren Phillips - Lauren is a community coach with Bristol City Robins Foundation and works alongside Grace developing female football opportunities across the City.  Lauren started her love for the game by being part of the first girls football team within her local football club.  Lauren joined and became an integral part of the Bristol City Youth Council, planning and delivering key initiatives to develop football in the area. 

Lauren then moved to Cardiff to complete her degree in Sports Coaching, and following completion of university came back to Bristol City Robins to become a fulltime coach within the Community Coaching Programme.

Lauren and her sister, Grace work closely together, developing the female football programme on behalf of Bristol City Robins Foundation and create and support social inclusion projects across the city, working and engaging with young people to ensure they have the opportunity to play the beautiful game.

Lauren and Grace - At just 15 years of age, Lauren and Grace not only designed the best women and girls sessions in the country but delivered it as well. They won the Women's FA award aged just 15…!! They also completed hundreds of volunteer hours before getting their full time jobs.

Lauren Phillips