Two girls celebrating with the caption below saying 'England Football provider Support Workshop' and below that a short paragraph that reads 'join us to hear top tipson how to grow and sustain your weetabix wildcats and squad girls football sessions'

England Football Providers Workshop

We are delighted to confirm we will be hosting an England Football Provider Workshop for Weetabix Wildcats & Squad Girls Football, led by Somerset FA & Geoff Stevens, Women & Girls Community Champion on:

Monday 3rd June 2024

6-9pm @

Strode College Sports Centre, Church Road, Street, Somerset, BA16 0AB

The event is a great opportunity to bring together our Weetabix Wildcat centres and Squad Girls Football Providers with the aim of bringing to life the online training and general learning with practical pitch ideas; sharing good practice, identifying challenges and solutions, marketing & promotion ideas, together with FA Portal/Club Spark IT support.


We have a good number of Weetabix Wildcat providers and Squad Girls Football providers in Somerset which is amazing and a huge thank you to you for providing an excellent programme for young female players to enjoy football in a fun and safe environment! We want to get as many of you together to meet, share ideas, learn from each other and plan the 24/25 Wildcats & Squad Girls season.


The event is for anyone volunteering within your Wildcats or Squad Girls programme, whether they are a coach delivering on pitch or volunteering on or off the pitch, there will be something for everyone! 


Please take a moment to complete the online registration form below, please also share this with your volunteers for them to sign up as well.  There is no limit on number of volunteers attending from your Wildcats or Squad Girls programme.


Registration for the England Football Providers Workshop:

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