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Safeguarding is everyones responsibility

Doing nothing is not an option! Safeguarding is EVERYONES responsibility!

Somerset Schools Safeguarding Officer                                           County Welfare Officer

Mo Hopkins                                                                                     Shirley Needham
Tel:                                                                                                        Tel: 01458 832359 Option 5
Mobile: 07867648648                                                                           Mobile: 07535 664988
E-mail:                                                          E-mail:

 If you would like to speak to one of the National Welfare Officers, please contact either:

National Welfare Officer         National Welfare Officer
Sarah DaCosta                                                                                     Martin Duffield 
Mobile: 07855 942337                                                                          Mobile: 07852 276416
E-mail:                                            E-mail:

                                                                                                         5 ways to report a concern

  • To your designated safeguarding officer at school
  • To SCSFA safeguarding officer Mo Hopkins or SFA Shirley Needham (Contact info above)
  • To the FA safeguarding team at
  • If urgent and you cannot contact above please contact the NSPCC helpline for expert advice and support on 0808 800 5000 or
  • If it is an EMERGANCY and a child/children is at immediate risk the call the Police


0800 11 11


0808 800 5000


0800 11 11