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The Somerset FA Youth Council
Looking to represent young people across decision making in football, the Somerset FA Youth Council also looks to develop its members, professional skills and offer a unique opportunity to be a part of Somerset FA, create and deliver projects and gain support from those already working within the game. 

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Who we are

 Alex Caird

Age - 22
YC Role - Youth Council Member
Football Role - North Curry Youth FC Development Squad Coach 
Favourite Movie - The Theory of Everything
Favourite Song - Wake Me Up - Avicii
Favourite TV Show - Brooklyn 99
Favourite Football Club - Manchester United
Ambition/Career Goal - To highlight the equal importance of mental and physical health within sport.
Weirdest Habit - I have to hold my nose when I sneeze.
Strange Fact about yourself - I won my local league, league cup and county cup competition in one unbeaten season as a player.

Dan Bugg

Age - 21
YC Role - Youth Council Member 
Football Role - Level 4 Referee
Favourite Movie - Kingsman: The Secret Service 
Favourite Song - No excuses - YouTube video (not a song but listen to before every game to get me in focus)
Favourite TV Show - How I Met Your Mother 
Favourite Football Club - Ipswich town
Ambition/Career Goal - Becoming a professional referee 
Weirdest Habit - Measuring time in songs 
Strange Fact about yourself - I’ve won 2 SFA county cups as a player

 Elliot Saunders

Age - 23
YC Role - Youth Council Member
Football Role - Coach u12s and TUP Centre
Favourite Movie - The Holiday
Favourite Song - All of me - John Legend 
Favourite TV Show - Would I lie to you 
Favourite Football Club - Bristol City
Ambition/Career Goal - To live my life to the fullest
Weirdest Habit - I talk in my sleep 
Strange Fact about yourself - Overly tidy and precise about where I organise my things

 Freya Gudge

Age - 18 
YC Role - Youth Council Member 
Football Role - Community Development Coach at Bridgwater United Community Sports trust and player for Bridgwater United Women U21s 
Favourite Movie - The Notebook 
Favourite Song - This is the life by Amy McDonald 
Favourite TV Show - Our Girl 
Favourite Football Club - Liverpool FC
Ambition/Career Goal - Pro Footballer/ Coach in football
Weirdest Habit - I can’t sleep facing my bedroom door 
Strange Fact about yourself - I Ran a marathon in 4 hours 50 minutes in feb 2021

 Georgia Ferdinando

Age - 22 
YC Role - Vice Chair 
Football Role - FA Women’s Football Apprentice & Somerset Girls ACC U16 Assistant Coach 
Favourite Movie - Fever Pitch 
Favourite Song - Better - Khalid 
Favourite TV Show - Friends 
Favourite Football Club - Arsenal 
Ambition/Career Goal - I want to continue working in football development, creating more opportunities for people to get involved. 
Weirdest Habit - My car radio volume has to be on an even number or multiple of 5 
Strange Fact about yourself - I once stood behind Max Branning (from Eastenders) on an escalator but was too scared to talk to him

 Jacob McKenna

Age - 15
YC Role - Youth Council Member/Social media Assistant
Football Role - Referee/Player/Volunteer
Favourite Movie - Football Factory
Favourite Song - Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
Favourite TV Show - Pointless
Favourite Football Club - Aston Villa
Ambition/Career Goal - Make a living through refereeing or playing
Weirdest Habit - Biting my nails
Strange Fact about yourself - I’ve broken 4 bones

 Jamie Carpenter
Age - 17
YC Role - Youth Council Member
Football Role - Referee and ex-footballer
Favourite Movie - Free Guy
Favourite Song - Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver
Favourite TV Show - Red Dwarf
Favourite Football Club - Tottenham Hotspur
Ambition/Career Goal - Army Officer in the Military Police
Weirdest Habit - Always go through my bag 3 times before each game
Strange Fact about yourself - I have a scar on my lip from when I rode a quad bike down stairs.

 Tom Bond

Age - 23
YC Role - Chair
Football Role - Performance Analyst at Frome Town FC 
Favourite Movie - Coach Carter
Favourite Song - In Bloom by Neck Deep
Favourite TV Show - Match of the Day 
Favourite Football Club - Bristol Rovers 
Ambition/Career Goal - Make a living working in Football
Weirdest Habit - Making dad jokes
Strange Fact about yourself - I am an ex-Wrestler

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