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The Somerset FA Youth Council
Looking to represent young people across decision making in football, the Somerset FA Youth Council also looks to develop its members, professional skills and offer a unique opportunity to be a part of Somerset FA, create and deliver projects and gain support from those already working within the game. 

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YC Member

My name is Dan and I am based near Weston-Super-Mare. When I first moved to the county, I played football and did so for just short of 10 years. During this time, I reached 3 County Cup finals with my clubs, and won 2 of them. I also played football for North Somerset for 6 years where I enjoyed a lot of success which included winning the Junior Premier League in 2014. In 2015, I qualified to be a referee and after enjoying my first few games, realised that this was something I would like to progress in. When I turned 16, I decided to go for promotion. I am now going for my third in as many years and is something I hope to get as far as I can with. 

My favourite team: Ipswich 

My favourite food: Pizza 

Hobby other than football: Golf 

YC Member

I’m Elliot, I‘m 21 and I have just completed an Apprenticeship in Mechanical Fitting for a company in Keynsham. I’m a Football enthusiast that is involved with a Turn up and Play centre and the Keynsham Juniors u10s. I completed a Level 1 coaching, Level 1 coaching futsal, level 7 Referee, Disability Coaching course and Have recently completed leadership Academy at St Georges Park. This gave me the confidence to lead the Youth Council this year and really make a difference here in the county. I have always believed in how key the Youth Voice is - now as a team we can provide it. 

Favourite Team: Bristol City  

Favourite Food: Mums Lasagne!!!  

Hobby Other than Football: Board Games with Family and Friends. 

YC Member

I’m Jordan and I am based in Walton. I love football and I currently play for Keinton Park Rangers in the Yeovil & District League. I recently took part in a 24-hour football match helping a local club raise money for charity.  

My favourite team: Liverpool 

My favourite food: Pizza 

Hobby other than football: Video Games and playing other sports 

YC Member

I’m Leah, I work at Bridgwater & Taunton college within the Sports Development team. I am currently a level 2 qualified football coach, head coach of the Men’s 2nd team. Alongside my job I also work as a Team Leader for Youth Sport Trust and a Navigator at the ECFA Apprentice Training days. Football had been a huge part of my life where I have grown up being a part of Somerset Centre Of Excellence. 2015-2018 I was part of professional club Yeovil Town Ladies and Now i currently play football for Plymouth Argyle in the National League. 

Favourite team: Manchester United  

Favourite food: Nando's 

Hobby other than Football: Spending it with my family 

YC Member

I’m Lewis, from Weston-Super-Mare. I’ve always been a massive football and sport fan. I played football around Weston in the youth league and for Weston-Super-Mare academy, but since then have focused on coaching youth teams in the community. I’ve been coaching for around 8 years. One of the biggest things I’ve learnt since starting to coach is you are not only developing a players footballing ability, but as a coach you have the responsibility to set an environment for the players to develop themselves as people and skills that will be transferable for their futures.  

My Favourite Team: Cheltenham town - I grew up watching them before moving down here.  

My favourite food: Quesadillas  

Hobby Other Than Football: Hiking and keeping fit and healthy. I’m never sat down for long! 

YC Member

I’m Rosie, from Bridgwater. I used to play football for my county when I was younger, due to an ankle injury I stopped playing after surgery. Now I am in my second year as a FA women’s football apprentice. My job role is there to help increase women and girls in football whether that be a player, coach, referee, volunteer etc. If you go onto the ECFA website you can see videos of our training days and see what we get up to and learn about. 

My favourite team:  Manchester United, I used to live in Manchester so I'm loyal 

My favourite food: Nandos, Me and Leah make regular trips together 

My hobby outside of football: Spending quality time with my family. My job takes up a lot of my life so making time for them is my priority. 

YC Member

I’m Ryan Catterall from South Petherton, although originally, I’m from Preston. I’ve played football from a very young age and I am now a level 2 qualified coach working at Strode College. Within my job role at Strode, I manage our men’s college football team. Within my first year, we managed to win the league and get to the quarter finals of a national competition. I also play football on the weekends, although at the minute I am out injured with a torn ACL. But when I do play, I play for AFC Strode, who I also coach for.  

My favourite team: Preston North End, being from there. 

My Hobby outside of football: Golf I play it most weekends and I want to try and play some of the most popular courses in the UK. 

YC Member

I’m Tia, I am from Taunton. Firstly, I have been refereeing for a few seasons now and operate in youth and women football. I also do multi sports coaching at after school clubs including a football club, whilst also playing for my college team. I am currently part of the Purple T-Shirt Campaign for young Referees in Somerset. 

Favourite Team: I am a huge Liverpool supporter and no I am not a glory supporter!  

Favourite food: Kit-Kats  

Hobby Other than Football: I enjoy learning French, both in and outside of college. 

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