Clive Sheldon QC Report Published

Somerset FA welcomes the publication of Clive Sheldon QCs Report into non-recent child sexual abuse in football, published by The FA.

Somerset FA welcomes the publication of Clive Sheldon QCs Report into non-recent child sexual abuse in football, published by The FA, here.

The review was commissioned by The FA in December 2016, following the disclosures of abuse in the media by former footballers.

Survivors are central to the Report which includes a number of survivor accounts. The executive summary from the Report notes that during the review Clive Sheldon’s team had the full cooperation of The FA, the Premier League, EFL, all County FAs and all impacted Clubs.

Following the disclosures, a significant number of criminal processes have taken place, several leading to criminal convictions and some to lengthy custodial sentences for individual perpetrators.

You can read The FA’s statement here.

We at Somerset FA wish to add: "Safeguarding, much like football, works more effectively when it’s done as a team. In your clubs and leagues, you will have Welfare Officers to support you in managing concerns appropriately. In the county, Shirley Needham is your point of contact as the Designated Safeguarding Officer however there are other members of our safeguarding team that can assist, Find our safeguarding team on our website here: https://www.somersetfa.com/about/team-somerset

Football has made enormous progress over the last 15 years in putting the welfare of children and young people at the heart of all we do and continue to do. Every County FA has been required to undertake an independent review of safeguarding for the last 3 years and meet with external assessors to attain a National Safeguarding in Football Standard. Here in Somerset we have passed each assessment, but it is not forgotten until the next one; it is embedded in our everyday work program with every single member of staff playing their part in this team.

It’s important to remember that if you see or hear something that doesn’t seem right or concerns you, your responsibility is only to pass it on. We’re not asking you to investigate and decide whether you believe inappropriate behaviour has taken place; just share your concerns with someone who can help.

You can find all of the information you may require on our safeguarding webpage here: https://www.somersetfa.com/about/rules-and-regulations/safeguarding-and-welfare

"Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do, playing your part in making football a fun, safe and enabling environment for all under 18’s and vulnerable adults involved in the game whatever their role."

For information about safeguarding in football in 2021 please go to https://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/safeguarding and for safeguarding in Somerset FA go to https://www.somersetfa.com/about/rules-and-regulations/safeguarding-and-welfare

For any queries about the Report, including if you are a survivor affected by the Report, please email FASheldonReport@TheFA.com

If you wish to report a child abuse concern, please contact: